Multiple Facebook Messenger bot with one Model

we want to develop 2 Facebook messenger bot, Is this possible to configure with one RASA model means can we configure 2 Facebook messenger account with one crediantials.yml or we need to install 2 RASA package for create 2 FB bot?

Hi @dinesh.singh2003, I’m not entirely clear on the use case, could you provide some additional details on what you are trying to accomplish with the two different bots. Are these two identical bots, do they share only the NLU component, or do you have separate NLU and stories for each?

Thanks kearnsw Will Kearns, use case is …

Lets assume 2 dffrent FB bots bot1 and bot2. In nlu.yml only one intent “NEWS”. When user send news to bot1 and bot2. From both bots request should land on same nlu.yml and in we want to serve different news to bot1 and bot2.

questiong is How is possible to integrate 2 FB bot to one RASA module ?

Hi @erohmensing, I know there was some discussion around bringing back the projects functionality and I vaguely remember that there may have been a release that replicated some of that functionality. I have not used that feature personally. Could you please provide some insight here?

Sure, Let me try to explain in other way round.

Generally We configure FB page details(Bot) in file credentials.yml with parameters name verify, secret and page-access-token of page. We have 2 facebook pages(Bot) means 2 verify, 2 secret and 2 page-access-token.

is there any way to configure these fb pages configuration in one credentials.yml ? if not then what is alternate for this ?

As far as I know, I don’t think multiple projects have come back at all. With regards to multiple facebook connections for a single bot, I don’t think it is currently possible, but is a requested enhancement. I’d recommend that you make a custom connector that inherits the class and just have one connector of the original facebook: and one of your custom_facebook.CustomFacebookInput: for your credentials.

Thanks @erohmensing. Can you more elaborate this mechanism ?

Hi @erohmensing need the same thing: " Setting up Multiple Facebook Chatbots/Pages". it’s urgent for me to know, how to implement this?

Please share the idea/solution.