Multi word entities are detected as separate entities from lookup

I have a very large number of entities that I have organised within lookup tables. With some multi word entities it returns two separately. For e.g. Give me pizza cutter is exacted as: “pizza” KitchenItem and “cutter” kitchenItem as two different entities in the NLU response. Please suggest a solution to this.

Can you share an example of how you lable the entities?From your file

This entity is in the lookup table. In the md file the training examples are labelled as -

  • Give me uses of knife where Uses is the intent. I give about 8 examples and rest are defined within the lookup table.Screenshot%202020-01-08%2016%3A47%3A23

The image is just for reference, the actual md file has more such examples and a lookup which has pizza cutter listed in it.

You can try to use the escape character ‘’ between two words. ex: word1\ word2

Use escape character in the lookup table definition of words?

in the same file where you specify the intents :

The file in the image you sent


As you can see the ‘timepass’ entity is one word which shows in purple. but the entity ‘this entity’ has two words. I tried this in rasa x and it works. It just doesn’t show two word entity in purple but it accepts it, atleast in my case.