Modifying a template from python

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to modify a template’s value from python? I have the template ‘utter_ask_request_type’ for the slot ‘request_type’, this template will be automatically triggered when the requested slot is ‘request_type’. Now, in my code at some stage I have to reset the value of ‘request_type’ to None but at that point I don’t want the same old template to be triggered. Instead, I want to display another specific message.

Please note that i don’t want have my template picked at random, there’s specific templates that need to be uttered depending on where i am at in the process. I also don’t want to define another slot that behaves exactly as ‘request_type’ with another template.

anyone? @akelad @souvikg10

You could put conditions and then use dispatcher.utter_message(’'Your Message").

this doesn’t work given the specific problem i’m facing

@Sam sorry i’ve been away for christmas – could you post the code for what you’re currently doing? That’ll help me understand better