Missing first word when rasa.core.processor capture the message from mattermost

I had integrate rasa with mattermost. but the input message capture by rasa is not exactly same as the one I typed in mattermost. Example as below:

In mattermost, my input message is “bye bye bye”

but in rasa debug mode I can see the message being read is: DEBUG rasa.core.processor - Received user message ‘bye bye’ with intent ‘{‘name’: ‘goodbye’, ‘confidence’: 0.9911883473396301}’ and entities ‘[]’

which shows that there’s missing one “bye” in the message.

Anyone know why this happen? Appreciate your advice.

hey @chloh, does this happen with every message you send? Or just “bye bye bye”?

Hi @akelad, this happen to every message I send. Thank you.

Ok after taking a look at our code/docs, this is actually by design at the moment. If you look at the documentation page for this channel, you can see that it expects you to always use a trigger word to talk to the bot:

You will need to ensure the trigger words section is set up with @yourbotname so that the bot doesn’t trigger on everything that is said.

That’s why the first word gets stripped

Thanks you for your reply.

I notice that the trigger word setting in mattermost when setup outgoing webhooks. but for my case I use private channels and direct message only.

Currently I manage to let the user to chat with the bot in direct message and private channels using mmpy_bot plugin. But when chat in private channels, I use “@test_bot” (my bot account) to speak to the bot but still the first word gets stripped.

Is there anyway to keep the first word?

Appreciate your time and advice.

Hi @akelad, any solution for this?

Appreciate your time and advice.

We’d be happy to accept a pull request with this enhancement. At the moment we have no plans to implement it ourselves though.