Misaligned entity annotation in message

Hello I am trying to train rasa nlu model and I am getting the message " Misaligned entity annotation " I am attaching a screenshot of the error and the nlu file where there is a problem. The problem occurs in following intents:-

  1. job_apply_nlp
  2. job_apply_impl
  3. detailed_input_intern
  4. job_apply_pm
  5. job_apply_development the examples in all the intents are similar so fixing any one of them should probably fix all. I am unable to identify where I am going wrong kindly help!! nlu.md (27.2 KB)

Hello @Rahuja23,

This is just a guess but it seems to me like all the messages which are misaligned have a trailing “,” after the entity, such as:

hello im Amith,im looking for a Customer_support opening.my telephone number is 0774472865

Can you try remove the “,” or add a space between Amith and “,” (do the same for all of the sentences) to see how it goes ?

Just use your editor’s replace all function and replace “),” with “) ,”