Minimal Installation of Rasa for Inference

I was wondering if there was a slimmer version of rasa.nlu optimized for inference. pip install rasa installs a lot of dependencies (e.g matplotlib), that are not relevant for inference in production.

This could be helpful in case you want to deploy a model with limited resources, like on AWS Lambdas. Here is my minimal code for inference:

from rasa.nlu.model import Interpreter

PATH_TO_MODEL_FILE = "./test_nlu_model"

# load model 
nlu_interpreter = Interpreter.load(PATH_TO_MODEL_FILE)

# here is what should happen on each inference call
input_message = "how much do I have on my credit card?"
res = nlu_interpreter.parse(input_message)

# get intent, confidenc and entities
print((res["intent"]["name"], res["intent"]["confidence"], res["entities"]))