Meta Data with Individual message in rasa-x

Just like tagging a conversation in rasa-x is there a way to associate some metadata with the individual messages?

We basically want to associate some URLs with each user message and want these URLs to be visible with the particular message, just like tags with conversation in Rasa-X.

This is needed for the following reason, we recently started supporting voice message with our bot, we are storing the user voice message externally and converting the voice to text on our API side, then the text message is supplied to Rasa (we are using the rest channel, all incoming user message hit our API first, they are forwarded to rasa then), so rasa is not able to distinguish between the voice or text message as it always receives a text message.

If the problem was just to distinguish the voice/text we could use a slot, but the problem mainly is that while working with rasa-x we want to see if the message user sent was a voice or text, if it was a voice message we want to able to hear it and verify whether the translation was correct, if only we could provide metadata with each user message and see it on rasa-x, we would provide the URL of the voice message so that rasa-x user could navigate and hear the message.

A slot(which does not affect the conversation) could work in this case, but is there a better way to achive this?

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Hi @madanmeena! There currently is no way to show additional metadata and show it on the rasa x UI.

However, there is also the possibility to assign tags to single messages, maybe that is something that you want to use?

We ended up using the slot.