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I’m using windows and trying to install rasa. There is no .md files in data folder. Instead there is .yml files (nlu.yml, stories.yml and rules.yml). Any Help? What Am I missing?

@duskjk9 Hi, Just create the python virtual environment with python 3.7 or 3.8

@duskjk9 Activate virtual environment

@duskjk9 Install pip version to 20.0.2

`pip install pip==20.0.2

@duskjk9 Install rasa

     pip install rasa==2.8.0
     pip install rasa-sdk==2.8.0

@duskjk9 check rasa version rasa --version

@duskjk9 rasa train

@duskjk9 rasa shell --debug

I would encourage install the latest version of Rasa If you have started learning Rasa.

.md files were used in older versions of Rasa. Rasa 2.x uses .yml.

Check out the Rasa Docs to learn about Training Data Format.

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