Maximum users for Rasa X

Hi, how are you?

I have a question about the performance and maximum number of users that Rasa X can get simultaneously.

For a mid hardware 8 GB RAM, 4 CPUs and Ubuntu 16 with Sara Bot for example.

Do you have any numbers, images, reports or info about it?

How many models can I generate simultaneously?

Hey @rodrigoslino there’s no hard limitations really, it kind of depends on what kind of model you have etc. 300 concurrent users for example shouldn’t be a problem. We don’t have any reports available right now, we can look into creating some in the future though.

As for simultaneous models – what do you mean by this?

Would you be up for giving us some feedback on your experience with Rasa X? Product Feedback - Rasa X

Same question as @rodrigoslino, any updates? @rodrigoslino have you got any idea for this?