Maintaining utter message/ bot response in external source other than domain file [MongoDB, json.. etc


Thought of maintaining the Utter message/ bot response in external source so that I can avoid training… Any suggestions…


You can always define your bot utterances as custom actions. Changing the custom action code does not require re-training. You just need to restart the action server.

Also, I don’t think changing the bot utterances requires re-training, at least not since we took the training data out of the model file; But I am not sure about this.

True… but I want to totally avoid that process too. Means I dont want any code change…

I see. When you change the template utterance in the domain file, you can still run rasa shell without retraining, but the bot behaves as if the template was not updated. I don’t think you can avoid that without custom actions.

If you want to change that, please add an issue to the rasa repo on GitHub, or even better, implement a solution and create a pull request. Contributions are always appreciated!