Lookup does not used to extract entities

Hi all,

Using the latest rasa version, i would like to extract entities using lookup table. Unfortunatly, it does not work for me.

bellow my configuration


language: en_core_web_md
pipeline: supervised_embeddings


## intent:check_balance
- what is my balance <!-- no entity -->
- Could I pay in [Yen](currency)? <!-- entity matched by lookup table -->

## intent:greet
- hey
- hello

## lookup:currency <!-- lookup table list -->
- Yen
- Euro

Note that i have launched only rasa shell nlu for testing entity extraction

As mentioned in the docs

For lookup tables to be effective, there must be a few examples of matches in your training data. Otherwise the model will not learn to use the lookup table match features.

Please try to add more examples that use entities from the lookup tables. Otherwise the machine learning model will not learn that words listed in the lookup tables are certain entities.

Hi all, do I have to give examples for all the entities from my lookup table? I am failing to understand, if i have to give all the entities in the training sets how is lookup table helpful?

@Firas I gave a detailed explanation here: Pattern for lookup tables Hope that helps. In short: You don’t need to provide examples for every entry in the lookup table.