Like we get a reply of NLU, is there anyway for the dialogue manager for doing the same

Like I am trying to correct the text automatically and give response according to it. So how can i do it?

@LKiera can you be more explicit about what you’re trying to achieve?

I am trying to correct the text automatically

what do you mean by this?

Suppose the received text is ‘Hello Wold’ and by correcting it we receive ‘Hello World’ . So is there anyway we can redirect incorrect intent due to spelling error to correct intent from a custom function?

@LKiera spelling correction would have to be handled by NLU, not core. You would probably have to create a custom NLU component that fixes spelling (somehow, the bot doesn’t handle this out of the box) and then that spell-checked input would get sent further down the NLU pipeline for intent classification on the correct text.