LexicalsyntacticFeaturizer not found in default configuration of rasa_nlu

Hello All, I am using rasa-nlu 0.15.1 version and have Lexicalsyntacticfeaturizer in my pipeline(config.yml).It is not present in default in rasa_nlu directories. So, it is not referred in registry.py file as well.

Incase if I have to use rasa_nlu.utils.class_from_module_path function to load that component, how should I do it or what is the module path I have to use??

Hey @Karthikraj, welcome to the community :blush:.

Lexicalsyntacticfeaturizer was introduced in Rasa 1.8.0 you need to update the Rasa nlu to use these Featurizer.

For your reference


I hope that helps :blush: