Legacy docs website down


legacy docs website is down. When will it come back online, It is really helpful, please dont discontinue the website


bumping as I also need the legacy docs for my app

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I need legacy docs too.

bump As I need it too!

Its back online, yay!

What’s more interesting. Is that a lot of forums commetns, github, stackoverflow, etc etc are pointing to the old path of the docs. With the intro of rasa X and rework of the home page, all of those links are now broken.

Any way to add some rewrite rules to redirect the folks desperate for help and docs to the legacy site automatically?

@Serge we are currently working to make sure all of the links within the legacy docs point correctly to each other, but are also aware of the fact that old links from e.g. the forum do not point to legacy docs and hope to address this soon.

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