Kubernetes deployment with Twilio integration help

Hello, I created a Kubernetes cluster using the official helm charts with the following image versions: rasax:latest and rasa:latest-full. Furthermore, I updated the credentials.yml with the required Twilio configurations outlined in the document for my project. Lastly, I created a corresponding Twilio sms service and included a POST request URL pointing to the exposed Nginx service: (http://external-ip:8000/webhooks/twilio/webhoo)k. I’ve had no success in the rasa Twilio integration. What other configurations have I missed, or am I using the wrong endpoint? I appreciate any help the community can provide.

Hi Luis,

Do a docker-compose logs command, look for errors and paste them here. Also, paste the credentials.yml and remove your secure details.


@davilatech1 can you try hitting /core/webhooks/twilio/webhook instead?