I've got some error in running custom actions

actions.py (11.3 KB) the above file is action.py file the Errors are in the image given below

@Nithin07-crypto I hope you uncommented this section in endpoints.yml

  url: 'http://localhost:5055/webhook'

Then, run the rasa action server in second terminal using command rasa run actions

@Nithin07-crypto can you share action logs?

@nik202 yeah, I’ve uncommented but it’s not working

Did you do rasa run actions in a separate terminal?

If yes, can you share the logs as suggested by Nik?

No, https://github.com/Nithin07-crypto/covid19-chatbot → this is my chatbot repository please see to that @ChrisRahme

@Nithin07-crypto Your repo looks fine to me. Please follow these steps:

Step0: Activate the environment and enter in your project folder

Step1: Train the model, I’d recommend delete older versions simultaneously, only last 2 models will be fine.

Step2: run the action server in the first running terminal using command rasa run actions --debug

Step3: Open the new working terminal / second terminal (recommend to use VS code) and run rasa shell --debug

If you still having some issue please share the screenshot for the same. Good Luck!

@Nithin07-crypto Your sever is not running on port 5055 for action server ?

@Nithin07-crypto The issue is with API timeout request, not getting back the response.

@Nithin07-crypto Are you able to talk with the bot, basic conversation?

Yeah, I can do basic conversations

How can I troubleshoot this issue?!

@Nithin07-crypto IS that you shared me complete action server logs? all you actions are running?

One action worked , but many of them are not working

Can you please :pleading_face: check my code ?https://github.com/Nithin07-crypto/covid19-chatbot , is this working in your machine ? Please check

@Nithin07-crypto share me rasa version while running conda environment type rasa --version and share me the screenshot.

@Nithin07-crypto For me its running and giving me response please see the attached images.

please run vaccine updates custom action

rasa version

@Nithin07-crypto give me some conversation example?

type like ->vaccine updates