It vs. it's

What’s the best way to have Rasa simply ignore the difference between it and it's and basically treat them both as the same token? Just add as a synonym?

Everyone uses them wrong anyway, in fact, I’ve noticed the odd phenomena that people tend to use them each for their wrong (opposite) meaning, more consistently than their correct meanings.

This is especially problematic when using pre-trained.

Hi @kombucha the best way to handle this would be to add sentence examples with both words to your training data.

So a synonym won’t work??

Is there a reason for that?

Yes, the reason is that synonyms are for mapping entity values after extraction, to have standardised values when you want to query a database for example. For reference: NLU Training Data

Adding sentence examples to your training data is the right way to resolve this problem though.

Ah that makes sense, appreciate the explanation here as to when synonyms are applied, and that they are not active when predicting intents.

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