It is possible to take the message that intercepts telegram from rasa?

I mean; After doing the connection correctly between telegram and Rasa, I want to take from the telegram bot the message that it has obtain from Rasa and convert it to voice with an api call

It wold be easier to customize the connector between Rasa and Telegram and add the TTS part there.

And how can I customize the connector between Rasa and Telegram? Where is it?

You can get the connector from github or from your site packages.

Copy the content in a new py file and change the names of the classes.

You must modify your credentials.yml file, instead of telegram: write <name of your custom channel py file>.<class that inherits InputChannel>: .

You can add the tts in the function send_text_message.

Probably it is easier to modify the connector from my site packages; so that, I don’t have to change my credentials.yml file.

I looked into the site-packages path, but I didn’t find any file called or something like that. Do you know exactly how can I find it once I am in the site-packages folder?

I find it! It is located in the rasa/core/channels path. So now, if I modify this file I should not change my credentials.yml file… right?

Yes, so this is also confirmed. Thank you for your help!