Issue with /restart and slot

Hello. I have developed a bot and created a custom action, where I will take input from the users and store their input in slots, later the input is used for authentication. The problem is when the action against slot is triggered, the /restart action doesn’t work. I want to clear the log when /restart action is called. How can I solve this problem?


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Hi @Asfia and welcome to the Rasa forums. There’s a default action called action_restart which is described here. To call that action, change from this:

  - slot{"policyNo":"/restart"}


  - action_restart

You can also set the policyNo slot to any value you want but setting the slot will not invoke the restart.

thanks @stephens for your reply. I tried as you told but somehow it is not working. Could you provide me any example project for this? May be I am doing wrong somewhere.

CarbonBot has a working example of a restart. You can search the source for restart in github

thanks but the github link doesn’t contain anything