Issue on restart

Hi everyone. I have some issues with my bot. that after restarting the bot is unable to identify the message Here are the snapshots -


After restarting it doesn’t recognize/predict properly

And I want to restart the bot conversation if say “Bye”

Thanks In advance

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@manoj_kumar Hi, did you mentioned the proper training example for intent with entity for the above example, if yes, delete all the older trained model and re-train and try.

@manoj_kumar Even do delete the temp files and clean the cache.

Yes, I have proper example intent and will try clear the cache and removing the older models. And could you help out how to restart/startover the conversation if say “Bye” .


@manoj_kumar Please first, solve this issue and let your bot reply, rather entering in fallback state.

Hi @nik202 ,

I tried clearing the temp files, cache, and older models and also retrained the model. But the issue has not yet been resolved