Issue - NLU with spanish

Hi All, I am new so this might not be an actual issue. Using rasa-core==0.14.3 rasa-core-sdk==0.14.0 rasa-nlu==0.15.0 I transferred what I learnt from the NLU part of the Weatherbot tutorial to a new dataset in spanish having one intent and 3 entities. I have 13 training phrases and RASA configured as “language”:“es” “pipeline”:“pretrained_embeddings_spacy” but I don’t get good results with easy tests and I tried to delve a little in the code. I found that the class Trainer(object) has apparently only 2 supported languages:

Officially supported languages (others might be used, but might fail)


So before delving deeper I ask if I am understanding well: does it make sense to try this in spanish? Many thanks, –Fabio


Hi Fabio,

As long as you have activated one of these 2 models: it won’t be a problem.

Hi Remy, thanks a lot. I’ll check and in case of trouble will reply back here. Many thanks for your kind response!