Issue in Capturing Details Of Similar Pattern

Is there any efficient way to differentiate between two similar inputs? For Example:- I want to ask user to give their two different types of id whose pattern are same, lets say:- ID A = 4 digit ID B= 1-5 digit

how bot will handle this, and what solution can be made to handle this and identify efficiently when which ID is asked, store it and continue the correct story flow?

Create separate entities for each of the id’s and provide example utterances showing how the user might provide the separate ids.

ok entity is created, example utterances are those numbers only, lets say created same intent with separate entities:-

  • intent: ask_id

    example: |-

    • [9833] (id_A)
    • [8329] (id_A)
    • [2] (id_B)
    • [53] (id_B)
    • [928] (id_B)
    • [2934] (id_B)
    • [13789] (id_B)

is this how you said to do?