Is it possible use Dialog manager only

hello everyone,

the doc mentioned that one can use “NLU only” from Rasa, i am wondering if it possible to use “Dialog manager only” from Rasa? for example i could use dialogflow NLU api to get intents and entites and then use “Dialog manager” from Rasa. Is this possible technically? or the Dialog Manager is tightly coupled with NLU?

thank you in advance!

Hey @jixian01

Even though that’s technically possible (the code is open source and available), I’m afraid there’s no easy way to do that.

Hey Alexander, thank you very much for your answer. maybe another question: The conversation history is only stored (or managed) in DM and this is needed for train better NLU, therefor the NLU and DM are tightly coupled? Is this understanding correct?

Hey @jixian01

After thinking a little more I’ve realized it’s not that hard to do.

NLU and DM are tightly coupled

DM is called Core at Rasa, and it’s separate from the NLU. What you can do is build your own custom NLU component. Then you basically make sure that output of NLU is what Core expects, and that’s it.

One of the things to pay attention to are featurized slots, because you have to align them between DF and Rasa.

I hope that helps!

hey @degiz thank you!