Is it possible to make botfront Widget open as webpage loads?

Hi, I am having a rasa widget, I want to open chat window as it connects to rasa. I don’t want to click on widget, Once socket connection is established, it should open chat window. Is it possible to do so?

@sejalg If you allow me can I suggest you better alternative?

Yes Nimit, please tell me.

@sejalg sorry about the late reply because of the time difference, well I can understand that you want that your bot should be noticed by the customer as soon as they are on the website, for that you can enable the tooltip option with botfront :

snippet code:

    tooltipPayload: "/greet", # same as welcome message
    tooltip: true,    
    tooltipDelay: 500,

Opening the bot automatically will not look fine and it can irritate the user sometimes, and I have not seen that bot open automatically anywhere on the internet (personal experience)

I hope you respect my honest suggestion and solution, If you require any further suggestions please do mention me with my tag.