Is it possible to classify intent/relation from multiple sentences? how?

I have multiple sentences(for example 10) and I want to classify intent from that, so is it possible with Rasa intent classifier or I have to train Dependency parser and Co-refrence resolution and identify entities and extracting relation between them ?

example: The system uses entity states to indicate the availability of an entity in providing its functions. (The term entity represents the resource or service generally identified by the Access Identifier [AID] parameter.) If an entity is not available, the entity states indicate the cause of the unavailability and what action can be taken to make the entity available. An entity’s state is described by two parameters, the PST (primary state) and the SST (secondary state).

output: Entity 1: “entity states” Entity 2: “PST”, “SST” Intent/Relation : “described by”

@Anticsss Looks like this is exactly what Rasa is for. I would recommend you to start with the Rasa Tutorial and then look at Entity Extraction and Slots