Invalid domain file

my domain file is as follows


  • custom: { text:“Which position you are looking for…?”, templateFunction:“choiceButtons”, buttons:"{‘title’:‘Architect’,‘payload’:’/position’},{‘title’:‘Interior Designer’,‘payload’:’/position’},{‘title’:‘Accountant’,‘payload’:’/position’},{‘title’:‘Site Engineer’,‘payload’:’/position’}" }


  • custom: { text:“What type of property you have in resdential section”, templateFunction:“choiceButtons”, buttons:"{‘title’:‘Apartments’,‘payload’:’/apartment"},{‘title’:‘Villas’,‘payload’:’/villas’}" }


  • custom: { text:“Please fill out the following details”, templateFunction:“form”, FormIds:"{‘type’:‘text’,‘name’:‘name’,‘placeholder’:‘Name’},{‘type’:‘tel’,‘name’:‘phone’,‘placeholder’:‘Phone Number’},{‘type’:‘email’,‘name’:‘email’,‘placeholder’:'Email-Id}" }

iam getting the following error while running " rasa train"

Your Rasa model is trained and saved at ‘/home/models/nlu-20200302-123048.tar.gz’. Core training was skipped because no valid domain file was found. Only an nlu-model was created.Please specify a valid domain using ‘–domain’ argument or check if the provided domain file exists.

Wow… I’ve never seen a domain file using that syntax. I just checked the docs and couldn’t find anything, and the latest examples. Where did you see this format for a domain file?

The documentation shows something like this:

  - text: "What type of property you have in resdential section"
    - title: "Apartments"
      payload: "/apartment"
    - title: "Villas"
      payload: "/villas"

Also, all your buttons in ask_position are pointing to the same payload.

other than -text,-buttons ets i need a customisable responce where i need a key called “templateFunction” for my own use can and yes in my case all buttons in ask_position are pointing to the same payload. can you help me with this???

Can’t you accomplish this with a custom action? Can you provide a couple of examples of a conversation explaining what you are want to achieve?

hie @samscudder when i use my custom chat widget ill trigger a form that collects user data by sending the reply from rasa server as { recipient_id:"****" text:“please fill the following details” templateFunction:“form” formIds:“name,phone,age” } form there in my chat widget ill catch the response and check what is in templateFunction if it is form ill display a form with recieved form ids as form fields