Interactive learning: new story containing retrieval intents


I have trained my assistant interactively with the command rasa interactive. I didn’t encounter any difficulties during training and added the generated story to my stories.yml file.

However, when I type the command rasa data validate, I get the following user warnings:

chitchat and out_of_scope are retrieval intents that I’ve created. And they both occur within the generated story. I have read the documentation and I configured the domain.yml, rules.yml, nlu.yml.

I also tried to adjust the intent and actions in the generated story as they are defined in the nlu.yml and domain.yml files (instead of intent: chitchat, I wrote intent: chitchat/ask_mood and utter_chitchat/ask_mood instead of utter_chitchat). These are the warnings I received after adjustment:

Since I could not find the answer in the documentation, I would like to pose the question here in the forum: Is it actually allowed to use retrieval intents in stories (generated stories during interactive learning), although I have already specified their behavior as rules in the rules.yml file. I assumed it was fine since you can create such with interactive mode.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @BShaq, you are right that support for retrieval intents inside interactive learning is not complete. It’s been tracked here. Regarding your question about whether stories should contain full retrieval intent(for e.g. - chitchat/how_build) - The answer is no they shouldn’t. They should only contain the name of the retrieval intent(chitchat). I’ve taken a note of this in the linked issue.