Interactive learning for form action and stories

Hello all, I have 2 questions! Firstly, I was just wondering if every answer from the user has to be categorise into an intent, even though I am using form action. My story goes like this.

* greet
   - action_verify_user
   - slot{"valid_user":"Yes"}
   - slot{"name":"Tom"}
   - slot{"company_name":"Ourchoice"}
   - introduction_form
   - form{"name": "introduction_form"}
   - form{"name": null}

User: Hello
Bot: (checks if user is verified in the system)
Bot: Hello Tom from Ourchoice, welcome to the ticketing system. To continue, please choose a number: 1. Create Ticket 2. View Ticket 3. Enter a new Authorisation Code
User: 1

When I was running interactive learning, the system wanted me to match the user asnwer to an intent. That’s why I was wondering if every answer from the user in form action has to have an intent.

My second question would be what are the disadvantage of having so many form actions in the stories? Example:

* greet
   - introduction_form
   - form{"name": "introduction_form"}
   - form{"name": null}
   - outlet_menu_form
   - form{"name":"outlet_menu_form"}
   - form{"name": null}
   - problem_form
   - form{"name": "problem_form"}
   - form{"name": null}

By having so many form actions, it helps to direct my users to the right direction. But it also feels as if I am giving them no alternatives to my stories. It feels hardcoded.

Would appreciate your feedback on this. Thanks!
Regards Zen.

since we have separate nlu component, it is a good practice to label user input with certain intent. In your case you could create generic intent inform

Having multiple form actions is design decision, and if it works well for you, I don’t see a problem why not continue using it

Thanks for the reply @Ghostvv, yes it works well for me so I will use form actions! I have seen some examples from the form bot of rasa. They had inform intents too for cusines and the other slots.

But for this form action, we are using numbers as user options.

Bot: What do you like me to do for you? 1. Make Pizza 2. Deliver pizza.
User: 1
Bot: What flavour do you want it on? 1. Cheese 2. Chili
User: 1

So a same number could mean different actions for the users. How should we categorise this then? During interactive learning, the system was asking for an intent for this numbers that the user enter and I didn’t know where to place them at.

Regards, Zen.

I think numbers can be inform intent as well, why not?

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Alright, I will try it that way then by putting them into the generalised intent!
Thanks for clarrifying!