intents related to date

On my nlu file I have 2 intents related to date, after I trained with the command python3 -m rasa train and then tried the model with the python3 -m rasa shell command, I noticed that not all examples were recognized, As for the provide_departure_date intent, the first two examples were not recognized. And for the provide_return_date intent, the first 5 examples were not recognized as shown in the picture.

Use duckling extractor to handle date entities

Hi, @ChikkaUdayaSai thanks for response. I searched about how to use it and I follow the same steps i found but still not working, these are my steps: 1) First I downloaded docker and it work correctly 2) I added these to config file

3)  I added these entity and slot to the domain file 

4) I removed the entity tag from the nlu file 

    5) Then I run this command (docker run -p 8000:8000 rasa/duckling) in terminal and i train the model and tray it in other terminal.

For date, the entity you need to add entity name is “date”.

where i have to add it and how ? should i add it in the domain file or tag it with the examples that in the nlu file ? should i mention it in the dimensions that in the config file ? i have already tried all the methods I mentioned, but it does not work yet @ChikkaUdayaSai