Intents are not registered on Custom Actions

After updating Rasa X to 0.41.x and Rasa SDK to 2.7.x I’m experiencing some issues when the user intent is matched with a custom action or a form. In particular, the user intent disappears from the UI and from the story.

In the following video, you can see that for sample faq like “tasse” the intent is preserved, while for form actions like “ammissioni” the intents disappear.

Hey @dadebulba, this looks partly like a bug to me. Could you, please, report it properly on Github? But before you do that, I want to say one thing: User utterances inside forms don’t really make sense in Rasa training stories, unless the utterances are part of unhappy paths, i.e. they trigger loop rejection. When it comes to a happy path, you write a training story just the way you’re observing in Rasa X. So, there’s no bug in the story shown in the video, but the intent should definitely stay in the UI.

When it comes to utterances outside of forms (i.e. your case with a custom action), I would definitely expect the intent to stay both in the UI and in the story. In the cases where the intent disappears, is the bot action taken based on a rule that you wrote, or based on a training story? Or maybe it happens in both of these cases? I think this info may be quite important for the bug report :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the feedback @SamS . Actually I’m quite new to Rasa, so before opening a bug report, would you like to point out if I’m doing something wrong here:

It’s not a complex chatbot but just to be sure that I understand how Rasa works and assure it’s not my code that is doing some weird things.

Thank you

@dadebulba just by quickly eyeballing the bot, I haven’t noticed anything suspicious. I think that the issue is not on the bot side, but on the side of Rasa X. One way or another, the person who will pick up your bug report (once you’ve created it) will take a proper look :wink:

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