Intent with action

is there a way by which i can bind action with intent? are there any ways such that once the intent is classifies it should perform specific action given to it?

You can create a custom action and then add that action name to the domain.yml file. Action: class ActionDoSomething(Action): def name(self) -> Text: return “action_do_something” def run(self, dispatcher: CollectingDispatcher,tracker: Tracker,domain: Dict[Text, Any]) - List[Dict[Text, Any]]:

        ------do something------

Just add

  • action_do_something to the actions part in domain.yml file

@varunsapre10 I know about that but the problem is: With my given intent the action related to it does not get executed everytime So I wanted to know that is there any way where if the intent is identified the only the specified given action to be executed. ex. if the intent: alarm_time is identifies it should only execute given actions : action_alarm_time

In the file you can create a story where:

Example Story

  • alarm_time(intent name)
    • action_do_something

You will be able to execute the action if the specified intent is met. Keep in mind the correct format. You can put as many responses/templates/actions you want to execute on meeting a specific intent. But do remember you’ll have to create new stories, if needed.1

yes, I know that, thats why i am searching a easier why to do it rather than writing stories to met specified intent

i am looking for something like this,



  • alarm_time
    • action_alarm

here even if stories are not wrriten it will by default trigger the function action_alarm

That idea is a good one but I’m afraid I won’t able to help you.