Intent slot training sample


(e8180kimo) #1

I have an intent of essay topic with a slot (essay_slot), but there are various sentence structures. For example, sometimes it’s just a noun, but sometimes it can be a sentence. See below for examples. I want the bot to get the slot value(essay_slot). My question is do I need to list all of the possibility? What if the user’s topic is not in my intent:essay_topic, will the bot still be able to extract it? Is there any other way to achieve this purpose?

- [bullying] (essay_slot)
- [motivation] (essay_slot)
- My topic is [peer review] (essay_slot)
- topic is [bullying] (essay_slot)
- [food] (essay_slot) is my topic

(Akela Drissner) #2

You don’t need to provide all possible examples. But do provide examples of different sentence structures and different lengths of texts in the slot. Yes the entity can still be extracted from a different intent

(e8180kimo) #3

thanks, it’s really helpful. We will try this method.