Intent null - parsing rasa on Docker

When parsing in rasa version 14.4 using the spacy_sklearn (Docker) with the following syntax of a null intention error. Train-> curl -H “Content-Type: application/x-yml” -X POST -k --insecure “http://localhost:5000/train?project=proyecton2” -d ‘{“path”: “/app/projects”, “pipeline”: “spacy_sklearn”, “data”: {“rasa_nlu_data”: {“common_examples”: [{“entities”: [], “intent”: “pruebaiA”, “text”: “prueba”}, {“entities”: [], “intent”: “pruebaiA”, “text”: “examen”}, {“entities”: [], “intent”: “pruebaiA”, “text”: “test”},{“entities”: [], “intent”: “pruebaiA”, “text”: “similar”},{“entities”: [], “intent”: “pruebaiA”, “text”: “parecido”} ]}}, “language”: “es”}’

Parse-> curl -X POST -k --insecure localhost:5000/parse -d ‘{“q”:“prueba”, “project”: “proyecton2”, “model”: “model_20191011-150304”}’

Result-> { “intent”: null, “entities”: [], “intent_ranking”: [], “text”: “prueba”, “project”: “proyecton2”, “model”: “model_20191011-150304” } Someone knows what it is, I have already tried to solve it but I have not achieved anything. Also when I try to use a train I get the following error in html: concurrent.futures.process.BrokenProcessPool: A process in the process pool was terminated abruptly while the future was running or pending.

Could you please format your question so that it’s easy to read?

when I give localhost: 5000 / parse the attempt is null, and if I retrain with localhost: 500 / train, zombie processes are shown with the following python command -c from multiprocessing.semaphore_tracker import main; main (8)