Intent Confidence

Hi All,

In Rasa docs, I found “confidence” in different places. However, I did not find the definition of the “Intent Confidence” in the documentation, can anyone refer me to the definition?

Looking forward to your responses.

Thanks, Varun

Hello @varton,

Can you elaborate a little more on what exactly you are looking for in relation to this in the docs, I’m not sure exactly which part of the docs to reference based on this question.

Are you wanting to know how Rasa improves the intent classification and such or something else?


Thanks @btotharye for your response.

For example, in the following link:

it is mentioned in the text: “If a NLU prediction has a low confidence score”, my question is: what does confidence score mean?

Please let me know if the question is still unclear :slight_smile:


so this isn’t really a Rasa thing but more of a Machine Learning thing, here is a reference for example