Integrating Rasa with Google Home

(Mukunda Varma) #1

Hey team , First of all , i would like to appreciate you for the great work done . Your docs are excellently written . I was trying to build a basic level chatbot with just one custom action in it . Since I was doing it with the help of Docker , i followed the steps from Building Rasa with Docker. And for integrating with google home , i followed Going beyond ‘Hey Google’: building a Rasa-powered Google Assistant . While trying to execute the , I initially got the following error

. I am assuming that, while using docker , the file metadata.json is the same as policy_metadata.json(this is being created without using docker). I tried renaming metadata.json to policy_metadata.json and my core stopped working . So , instead of renaming , I created the file policy_metadata.json by myself with the same code as metadata.json. Now, on running the , I am getting the following error . I tried several ways to resolve the issue . But none of them worked. would appreciate if you could help.