Installing Rasa and TensorFlow HW Requirements

I was exploring installing Rasa and found that it uses TensorFlow which in turn has a HW requirement of NVIDIA GPU Card with CUDA Architecture.,-The%20following%20GPU&text=NVIDIA®%20GPU%20card%20with,30%20minutes%20to%20start%20up

I’m not sure the server we wanted to install it on has that so does that effectively mean we cannot use Rasa and/or Rasa X if it does not?


Hi @pathogen

As far as I know, you don’t need a gpu to run rasa. I think the developers even took this into account when they were designing rasa.

Thanks, so when you are installing Rasa, you are not specifying a version of TensorFlow that supports a GPU (if there is such a thing)?

No, you don’t need to specify that during installation.


No problem. Good luck with your project.

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