Include Retrieval Actions while a Form Actions is activated

Is it possible to include Retrieval Actions while a Form Actions is activated? For example:

  • User gives slot 1 of the form
  • User gives slot 2 of the form
  • User wants to do some chitchat which responses are given by Retrieval Actions
  • Then, I want to return to the form and ask for slot 3. Is this possible? How?

Thank you!

Hey @Gisele,

That should work out of the box, check the article here.

Did you try that and something went wrong?

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Thanks @degiz for the reply. Yeah, the problem is when I want to integrate a Retrieval Action while a Form Action is still active. Is there any simple way to solve that?

hey @Gisele

As I said, it should work out of the box :slight_smile: chitchat in between filling the form values is the purpose for the retrieval actions in the first place. So if you’ve included ResponseSelector to your config file, and the training data is correct, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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