In my chatbot how to manage the old stories and new storty

in my chatbot i create a many question but recently i add new question so in that new question is not get proper response how can i set this??

please help thanks,

If by “new question” you mean a new intent, you should add that to your stories then retrain.

yes i added new intent and retrain but response not get proper… means that many question answer is “NO” so conflict accours and not get proper response


Would you mind sharing the content of for the new intent? Are you adding enough examples? (6.0 KB) (14.7 KB)

here is stories and nlu file… help me reagarding i want question sequences like 1,2,3,4, 5 etc…user input anyone thanks

I’m really not sure how to help since the design of your bot won’t work. Why are you adding the same entry like “yes” or “no” in all the intents? How do you except the NLU to pick the right intent if so?

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so i want my question flow in sequence one by one …if user input any one yes or no… so what i can do that??