ImportError: cannot import name 'INTENT_ATTRIBUTE'

I am getting the error ImportError: cannot import name ‘INTENT_ATTRIBUTE’ while trying to run RASA X

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Hi @paulrajan97,

could you provide some more info - How are you running Rasa x? What command do you run when you see this error and where does it show up (docker-compose logs?)? What version of Rasa X are you using?

I am running Rasa X on terminal. I am using rasa-x-0.25.2 and rasa-1.8.0

I have the exact same issue running rasa X 0.25.2 locally with rasa 1.8.0 on windows 10

@paulrajan97 you mean you are running it locally i.e. rasa x ? With the version of rasa x you are on it is intended to be run on a server using either docker-compose or kubernetes/openshift

Thanks. I understood

Hi @paulrajan97, Rasa 1.8 is not compatible with Rasa X ~=0.25. Either downgrade to 1.7.x, or upgrade your rasa x to 0.26.