Implementing SymSpell

Hi all, I was just looking for a solution in these forums to handle typos on Rasa, and found an old thread containing a very interesting Repo called SymSpell:

I am very intrigued by this repo and am wondering if anyone here have experience with implementing this with Rasa. I cannot see any documentation on the Repo itself, and cannot find any examples on Google.

As always, thank you for helping me out!!

Hi @Eli,

SymSpell indeed looks like a very interesting solution. I have not tried it myself, but am very interested to do so. Have you already worked more on trying it out?

I don’t really know how to implement it or even try it out, since there are no documentation to how to make it work with Rasa.

Hi Eli, Arjaan

I implemented symspell’s python implementation in our chatbot as part of our pipeline… its amazingly fast and also very useful for correcting domain level words i.e. which are not part of standard english language.

so my pipeline has a spell-correcting service which is called every time before passing the utterance to agent…

hope it helps

Hi @gaurvipul could you maybe share the code of symspell’s implementation for rasa

i @gaurvipul could you please tell how i can integrate SymSpell will rasa