Implement Form Deactivation

Hi Team,

Can you please provide me some sample example of methods where we use self.deactivate() during slot validation. I have tried to implement the same but it’s behaving abnormaly and still asking for next slot.

I don’t want to override the request_next_slot() method. Is there any better way that we can achieve this “Form deactivation” once the slot validation fails in python code.

The requirement is once the slot validation fail for consecutive 2 times , It will deactivate the form and reset the slots. please help me how can I achieve this functionality.

Many Thanks!!

I think the cleanest solution is to override the request_next_slot method

I have only one slot to be filled. Overriding the request_next_slot is not working. Please let me know how to deactivate the form once the slot setting fails for 2 times.

I got it. Thanks!

what did you do to fix it? (others might find this post via google)

I have defined a new slot called “count” to keep track of the number of times the user has responded to the slot request. I am using a custom action to update the count. If it is more than 2, I am deactivating the form in request_next_slot method.