Image not displayed in Rasa bot

Hello everyone,

I wanted an image to be displayed as a response to a user query, but the image is not being displayed. I specified the image url as a response in the domain file and even tried by saving the image in the local directory and specifying its path but it didn’t work. Please do check below image.


Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @nike!

Could you inspect the code and show the broken link of the image you sent in response? Not the link you send in response, but the broken link shown in the interface (I don’t know if I explain myself).

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Hi @matias18233,

I was able to solve the issue. I made sure the links were ending with correct image format along with the web address. Thank you!

Also, sometimes the Rasa bot replies are blank, that is, it shows the action it performs but the there is no response displayed and it waits for the next action. Do you know why this happens?



Try using the interactive Rasa mode:

With this mode you can test what is happening step by step in the conversation that is giving error.

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