Ignoring the tensorflow warnings 😉

Hi all, I found that whenever we train the rasa model or start our bot server you might face a lot of FutureWarning’s in your terminal

so I found out the warnings are basically related to numpy , so if you want to ignore these warnings, just follow the below steps:

  • you need to edit the dtypes.py file, to edit this file just go to below path:


  • If you are using virtual enviroment you can get the file in your site-packages folder
  • once you get the dtypes.py file, just add the below line on line 28:


  • save the file after editing and then you can run rasa train or rasa shell or the other rasa command and the warnings won’t appear :slight_smile:

Hope it helps :wink:


Thanks and it looks like upcoming Rasa X release stops the TF deprecation warnings. I feel an impending inner calm approaching.

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