Ignoring entities for certain intents bug

Hi guys,

I try to reconfigure my domain.yml file so that certain entities are ignored for certain intents. I used the syntax as in your doc here.

Here is an example from my domain-file:

 - ask_department:
    - department_domain
- ask_conference_room:
    - conference_room

So for the intent ask_conference_room only conference_room-Entities should be extracted.

However after training my model again and sending a request with Postman I got following result:


"intent": {
    "name": "ask_conference_room",
    "confidence": 0.6530776988
"entities": [
        "start": 3,
        "end": 12,
        "value": "nord-west",
        "entity": "department_domain",
        "confidence": 0.5661854087,
        "extractor": "CRFEntityExtractor"

I asked a question where RASA extracts the correct intent. However the wrong entity. First I specified in my domain-file that only conference_room Entities should be extracted and the response is that RASA extracted a department_domain Entity.


BTW, the entityvalue ‘nord-west’ is a valid conference_room Entity and a valid department_domain Entity, could this be the problem? If yes, how can I fix it?