If I have a look up for name what would the formfilling be...from_text or from_entity?

If I have a look up for name what would the formfillingbe…from_text or from_entity?

@faiza_conte, I’d use from_entity. It will look for an entity called entity_name to fill a slot slot_name . The from_text mapping will use the text of the next user utterance to fill the slot slot_name. Check references.. Hope it helps :smiley:

To answer your question about how to incorporate the lookup table into your form. You should use from_entity.

However, I’d recommend using both. You can order them as from_entity followed by from_text. In that way, even if the user’s name is not recognized as an entity, you can still handle the text provided by the user. It’d be an awfully frustrating experience if your name was not recognized.

For example,

    - type: from_entity
      entity: name
    - type: from_text

Thanks @kearnsw

Thanks @marcos.allysson

@marcos.allysson…do u know how to solve this. why is this error occurs,mostly i see this error with rasa core rest channel why is that?