If formaction is deprecated to rule policy in rasa 2.0 then why we see this error?

c:\programdata\anaconda3\envs\rasabot\lib\site-packages\rasa\shared\utils\io.py:89: UserWarning: Found a rule-based policy in your pipeline but no rule-based training data. Please add rule-based stories to your training data or remove the rule-based policy (RulePolicy) from your your pipeline.

Hi @faiza_conte. Do you have any rules defined in the rules.yml file?

Okay I have to define it thank you

Hi @Juste

I have rules defined within the rules.yml file but I still get this error. Do you know on where the problem might lie?

@BShaq Makes sure on first line there is a name rules before you start anything…can u show what ur rules file looks like

Hi @faiza_conte

thanks for the quick response. I’ve attached my rules.yml file. rules.yml (1.1 KB)

@BShaq I think from what I saw there is some indentation error…make sure that the indentations are in a correct place …please check the docs on how it is placed