I would to combine two fuctions in one actions how?

bot_template = “BOT : {0}” user_template = “USER : {0}”

     # Define a function that sends a message to the bot: send_message
          def send_message(message):
# Print user_template including the user_message
# Get the bot's response to the message
response = respond(message)
# Print the bot template including the bot's response.

    # Define variables
   name = "Gowri"
     weather = "cloudy"
     age = "10"

    # Define a dictionary with the predefined responses
     responses = {
    "what's your name?": "my name is {0}".format(name),
    "what's today's weather?": "the weather is {0}".format(weather),
       "what's your age?": "my age is {0}".format(age),
      "default": "default message"


    # Return the matching response if there is one, default otherwise
   def respond(message):
     # Check if the message is in the responses
if message in responses:
    # Return the matching message
    bot_message = responses[message]
    # Return the "default" message
    bot_message = responses["default"]
return bot_message
     send_message("what's your name?")

custom action is a python class that can execute any functions and can utter any number of templates and return any number of events

thank you but how can combine them can you give example

Please check out the docs for custom actions in python: Actions

thank you