I want to use Mongo Query and show products in my chatbot

Hi folks,
I would like to know,
1) how to use mongo query and fetch data from the MongoDB
2) how to render fetched data to my chatbot
3) the data can be like an image/button
4) when a user clicks the button or image I have to redirect to some URL

I have used the above things in Flask( one of python framework) application like to find data

ANS_1: db.collection.find({“product_name”:“iPhone”})

but I don’t know how to approach this problem to get the solution in RASA. can anyone help me out from this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @sudo-ranjith Firstly all mongodb queries can go as custom actions of your assistant. For rendering image/buttons you can refer to this doc - Domains The user click will be on your UI itself and hence you can just use an HTTP request to accomplish that on the client side and that would be agnostic to Rasa.