How ton get complete conversation in `validate` function?

In form action, i inherited validate(def validate) function and i need to check how many times a slot set to none? for an example a slot, say product, if it failed to extract 3 times i need to utter a template like utter_ask_cintinue, to do this i need to get complete chat/conversation history. How can i get this?

Hey @kabeer

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to archive.

Do you want to deactivate the form after 3 failed attempts?

Hey @degiz,

Sorry for jumpin in, I am looking for exactly same solution. The form needs to be deactivated after 3 failed attempts. Please tell me a way to achieve the same.

Hi @degiz Exactly that’s what i am trying to achieve. But deactivating a form immediately, i need to give the user maximum 3 tries. After that, i can deactivate the form. To do this i need to know how many times the required slot set to None. How can i do this check? ( i think we can get complete chat history from a tracker, if yes i will also get the slot value of last 3 times.) But i don’t know how get that complete chat history.

@degiz , @sandilya45 , @akelad any soultion??