How to utter_ask_<slot_name> again when the entity extracted failed and slot was not filled?

when the entity extracted failed and the slot was not filled, it seems that it goes into an unhappy path, how to simply ignore the unhappy path and utter_ask_<slot_name> again?

for example:

my form has a slot with name “start time”

  - type: from_entity
      entity: time
- text: |
    can you tell me the start time?

when the user inputs something the EntityExtractor cannot extract the time, how to make the robot utter_ask_start_time again?

hi @WestonLu,

you can achieve this with a custom action for your form.

thank u for your reply. In this topic how-to-deactivate-a-form-during-validation , a professor said “Your validate action can return ActiveLoop(None) event to deactivate the form.”, but it seems that validate_<slotname> function can just return a dic which includes the slot name and value.

May I ask how can I deactivate the form in my validate_<slotname> function? Thank you.

Does this help?